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MyCaption: One of the best BlackBerry Storm applications for business
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One of the Best BlackBerry Storm Applications for Business

Our flagship product, MyCaption for BlackBerry smartphone, works on all major BlackBerry® models, including BlackBerry® Bold, Pearl, Curve, 8800 -- and of course, the BlackBerry® Storm.

What makes the BlackBerry® Storm unique from your productivity perspective is its touch screen, and its support for high speed connectivity. Both features become true strengths, once you recognize what you can do with MyCaption -- "Voice Is the New Keyboard".

We are offering a free trial because we are confident that you will see this product as one of the best BlackBerry Storm applications for business. It will put your productivity on steroids by eliminating the inefficiency of using the keyboard. Its voice recognition software system works right, every time. You can use your voice to write Email up to 3 minutes long. And you can also dictate memos, calendar appointments, tasks and contact notes. Your email synchronizes easily with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. And yes, it works with your company's BlackBerry® Enterprise Server to give you connectivity to your enterprise applications.

As a BlackBerry® Storm user, you may also like the new, large buttons that are easy on your thumbs and on your eyes.

The BlackBerry® Storm has two convenience keys. If you like using them, you can assign one to compose Email, Memo, Task or Appointment -- with a single click, without even having to look at the screen.

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MyCaption is one of the best BlackBerry Storm applications for business