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Accurate Dictation of SMS Text Messages with BlackBerry® Speech to Text

BlackBerry Speech to Text for SMS Text Messages

Got BlackBerry®? MyCaption enables you to use your voice to send text messages to your contacts. Simply speak your message, and MyCaption will convert your speech to text and send it. It's easy to use, accurate and convenient.

One Button SMS: Use the Convenience Key for one-button access to speech-to-text SMS.

Hands Free SMS: When you pair your BlackBerry with a Bluetooth headset, you can send text messages with your voice while keeping your hands free.

Facebook and Twitter: Do you post updates using SMS? Now you can do it even more conveniently, with accurate speech to text.

Standard carrier rates apply. MyCaption does not repace your carrier's SMS solution. MyCaption converts your speech to text and then sends a regular text message (SMS) using your carrier.

BlackBerry Alliance Member                  AT&T Certified Solution