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Our accurate and secure speech-to-text platform is now available to developer partners. If you have mobile, CRM or a telephony products, and if you wish to delight your customers, consider adding speech-to-text capability. We offer attractive commercial terms.
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Speech to Text API for Developers

Step by step guide for installing, setting up and using MyCaption for BlackBerry® smartphone.
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MyCaption's Smartphone Centered Architecture improves delivered accuracy of voice recognition, enhances your password security, and gives you seamless integration with your business email and data.
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MyCaption's system level approach goes beyond speech recognition software. It leverages TCP/IP reliability, client-server division of labor, smartphone centered architecture, and the speaker-dependent nature of smartphone applications. The result? A voice recognition software system that works right, every time.
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David Allen's Getting Things Done system and BlackBerry voice recognition are made for each other. See how Getting Things Done with voice recognition is easy, productive and fun.
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Got BlackBerry®? Get accurate, one-button speech to text facility for your SMS text messages.
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BlackBerry Speech to Text for SMS Text Messages

Love the BlackBerry® Storm, but hate the keyboard? You will find that MyCaption for BlackBerry® smartphone is the perfect fit for your Storm.
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BlackBerry Storm