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"MyCaption is an amazingly valuable application to have on my BlackBerry®. I use it everyday while I am mobile, to respond to urgent messages and even to capture my thoughts. What a great application!"
-- Dan Hays, Director, PRTM Management Consultants

"The MyCaption technology is really incredible. It helped me make the leap to using a BlackBerry®. I really like it because it's one step closer to feeling like having an actual conversation versus an email. It just makes communicating so much easier!"
-- Cindy Calderon, CEO, Intrinzia Family Office

"Once you have started using MyCaption technology, it's difficult to revert to typing! I use my Bluetooth headset for voice conversations. Now I use it to dictate my email as well! This technology is truly a work of art and its unsurpassed by any other software I have experienced using my BlackBerry®. Thank you Mycaption!"
-- Andy Papadopulo, Parrington Ashwood Ltd., London

"Your service is great. I love the text preview feature. I can edit the text of my message before it is sent, so I am confident it was sent right. Keep more cool features coming!"
-- J. Bhavsar, Senior IT Architect, A Fortune 1000 Financial Services Company

"MyCaption has been my lifesaver. There are times when I cannot type so speaking an email is a great alternative!"
-- Summer H., Writer, BerryReview.com

"I love using the MyCaption software. The system is easy to use, and fast. The translation is amazingly accurate even when there is background noise. The system allows me to stay mobile and still send emails. I recommend the system to everyone that asks me, "What is MyCaption?"
-- Brian Vondette, Account Manager

"My Caption is a very innovative and impressive speech to text application. I am very astonished how well it translates at such accuracy with the correct grammatical format. It's a must-have application for mobile users, especially if you email frequently and are always on the move and cannot stop to type. Simply amazing!"
-- Tashanna Frankson, National Flood Services

"As a professional scientist, I receive large volume of emails that demand a detailed and timely response, and MyCaption's service is an invaluable way to stay current and cope when I am traveling."
-- Dr. Thomas Lenosky, San Jose